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Chaînes d'entreprises

Nirmy is an excellent fit for multi-unit food, service, and retail chains. It visually showcases your nearest locations to users as soon as they open the app, ensuring that your current promotional communications are immediately accessible when customers are actively searching for your brand, food, product, or service. Filter search and keyword search on Nirmy are exceptionally fast, providing the safest environment with no reviews or crowd-sourced content. It offers the highest level of creative flexibility and interactivity for branding among all available business search platforms.


For multi-unit retail, food, and service chains and franchises, batch tile upload is available. This convenient feature allows you to simultaneously upload dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your chain's locations within seconds by using a pre-filled CSV file. You can download the .csv template here to preview.


Through our EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAM, we currently offer our mobile advertising platform at a special rate exclusively to select regional multi-unit retail or food and beverage brands.


Feel free to CONTACT US for more information or assistance. We'd be delighted to help you get started.

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